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It's time for a change.
We're here to
lead the way.

Latinas in Cyber (LAIC) is the first and only US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to specifically empowering Latinas to pursue and excel in cybersecurity careers. We are female owned and veteran led and ready to make a difference. 


Our mission is to bridge the gender and diversity gap in the cybersecurity industry by providing Latinas with community, education, and resource opportunities in the world of cybersecurity.

We recognize that Latinas are underrepresented in the cybersecurity industry and face unique challenges. Therefore, we strive to provide a supportive and inclusive community where Latinas can connect with like-minded individuals, share knowledge, and develop professional skills.

Launched in Fall 2022, LAIC is passionate about fueling the next generation of Latina leaders to design and secure the world of cybersecurity and become the representation we wish to see.

Our Values

Meet your Executive Leadership at Latinas in Cyber.

In Spring 2022, a call-to-action was blasted on LinkedIn looking for other Latina peers in cybersecurity. A digital community was created and since then, these women have cultivated an organization that goes above and beyond to create a new cybersecurity future for all. With over 35+ years of combined industry experience, the LAIC Executive Leadership are cybersecurity experts spanning niche areas in data privacy, security, intelligence, national security, and cyber entrepreneurship. 

But more importantly, they are disruptors of the industry, of the Latinx culture, and of the technology world. 

Executive Director


Vice President

Meet your Cybersecurity Champions for Latinas in Cyber.

It takes a community to drive forward change.


At Latinas in Cyber, we're proud to have a team of dedicated women ready to curate custom programming, lead certification cohorts, and ultimately design the future we all want to see in cybersecurity.

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